The European Association for Music in Schools (short: EAS) is having its annual EAS conference this year in Jelgava, Latvia. This year’s conference is set under the topic of “Competences in Music Education”.
The four-day EAS conference ‘Competences in Music Education’ in Jelgava/Riga (Latvia) will provide a great opportunity for students, music teachers, music educators, practitioners, stakeholders and researchers in the field of music education to exchange, present, discuss and share ideas, and to connect to discover new perspectives in relation to various aspects of this conference topic.

Together with Helmut Herglotz from the company sofasession I´m hosting two events where we are going to cover our experiences with digital music education with first hand experiences from etudo and sofasession.

Workshop interactive music education

Title: Interactive music education with the app “etudo” and the platform “sofasession”

Date: Thursday, 15.03.2018 15:45 – 16:15
Location: Workshop Room
Topics: This is a hand-ons workshop, where we are going to showcase sofasession as an interactive environment to create music with others, and etudo, our interactive music learning application with two practical examples.

Presenters: Fritz Höfer, Helmut Herglotz

Research presentation etudo

Title: Digitization of learning processes and competences in musical lessons and ensemble practice, with the example of the app “etudo”

Date: Friday, 16.03.2018 14:05 – 14:35
Location: 209
Topics: We present the outcomes of interviews conducted among music teachers using etudo in their teaching.

Presenters: Fritz Höfer, Helmut Herglotz